Universal Freestyle Karate
Kickboxing Worldwide Association

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The U.F.K.K.W.A
All styles

Grandmaster Roy Kilner (B.T.A),  Master Andy Lewis, Grandmaster Mark Trent

Founded by President Grandmaster Mark Trent (Vice President B.T.A ) and with support from Vice President Senior Master Andy Lewis, the UFKKWA All Styles is a 'not for profit multi style organisation' whose aim is to provide support, communication and friendship between martial arts clubs, associations, organisations and martial artists to promote safe, professional activities and to advertise events, seminars and profile the excellent work done by all Members, Grandmasters, Sokes and Founders.

The U.F.K.K.W.A all styles is FREE to join and is happy for you to stay with your current association if you are with one. For any information please use our contact form below.

U.F.K.K.W.A Executive Committee

Mark Trent - 8th Dan


Roy Kilner - 9th Dan


Senior Master
Andy Lewis - 5th Dan



Hannah Povah - 4th Dan


Mr David Fell - 3rd Dan

Senior Coach

Mr Josh Trent - 3rd Dan

Senior Coach

Mrs Mel Walmsley -
2nd Dan

Senior Instructor

Mr Mike Oglesby -
2nd Dan

Senior Instructor

Lincolnshire Branch

Messingham Martial Arts
Senior Master
Stuart Usher - 5th Dan


Brigg/Barton Kickboxing
Mr Rob Bird - 3rd Dan

Senior Coach

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